Friday, April 26, 2013

Water Cycle in Maths: Once upon a time...

Our pupils have been working the Water Day Event and Water Cycle using Maths in this project. They could tell the story with our mascot called "Droppy" and play with the different pieces, such as different kinds of fish into the sea, how the water evaporates and how water can be solid, gas and liquid, counting drops of water and snowflakes. This way they have worked addition, substraction and easy multiplication according to different positions. 
Hope you like it!


Patricia Velázquez said...

Seño!! Q buen trabajo!! Me encanta!! Congratulations :-)

Pavlinka Disanska said...

Bravo .. I love you. Congratulations. It is exciting to work on common tasks from different countries of Europe. You again showed style and class.

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